5 Low Budget Movies Of All Times That Became Huge Success


We know you all are fascinated by the idea or even a thought of watching or acting in a film. You’ve seen various movies starting highest paid actors with a fan following of thousands or millions. Without a doubt, it’s a; ways fascinating that Bollywood or Hollywood both are associated with the grandeur of making the most expensive films. From high-quality VFX to action stunts, everything in a thrilling movie is occupied at a whopping cost.

But, do you know there are plenty of movies which have not got his hands in the expensive filmmaking? Rather than focusing on the high-quality VFX or featuring big stars, there are movies that came into consideration and later, turns out to be a big success without spending extravagant money. And this is absolutely amazing to see how a good script takes over a huge graphical VFX. In this article post, I’m going to tell you about a few of those movies, which came into consideration for their excellent script that too without burning a hole in the director’s pocket. Read more to find out.

1. Paranormal ActivityParanormal-Activity

Domestic Gross: $107.9 Million

You could relate to the theme of the movie simply taking note of its name. In 2009, Paranormal Activity came alongside and shocked anybody now not handiest through being fantastically horrifying but by means of taking in more than $100 million at the fieldwork with a tiny little price range. It is spawned three success and in addition, low-budgeted sequels and producer Jason Blum also helped make The Purge manifest.

2. Sex, Lies And VideotapesMovie Sex Lies And Videotapes

Price Range: $1.2 Million
Gross Domestic: $24.7 Million

Steven Soderbergh’s first feature film benefitted from the Hollywood buzz created by means of its screenplay, which (as legend has it) was drafted in 8 days on a yellow criminal pad even as Soderbergh travelled move-united states. It drew a solid that blanketed James Spader, Peter Gallagher, and Andie MacDowell in her first principal film position.

3. Tanu Weds ManuTanu Weds Manu Movie

Budget: 18 Crore
Expected Income: 212 Crore

Chances are very few that you haven’t watched this movie. Directed by Anand L Rai, Tanu Weds Manu was filmed in 2012 starting R. Madhavan and Kangana Ranaut. This movie is totally based on family comedy drama and it’s sewel Tanu Weds Manu Returns also was thrilling to watch. Despite being made on such a low budget, this movie proves that a good script will find its way through profits and nothing can stop it from becoming a blockbuster.

4.  Taare Zameen ParTaare Zameen Par Movie

Budget: 2.2 Crore
Box Office: 88 Crore

It can not often appear that Aamir Khan chooses a topic and it doesn’t connect with the target market on an emotional level. A low budget introduction, Taare Zameen Par touched the life reviews of a dyslexic baby, Aamir being the mentor and metaphor of love and support every child craves for. The movie made every person snatch a tissue. This movie is my personal favourite and I’m sure yours also (if you’ve watched).

5. SawSaw Movie
Budget: $1.2 Million
Domestic Gross: $55.2 Million

To get their horror movie made right into a full-length movie, James Wan and Leigh Whannell first made a nine-and-a-half minute short for $3,000 that later became the film’s opening scene with its well-known opposite beartrap tool. Upon seeing what the pair should do on this kind of meager price range, Lionsgate bankrolled them for $1.2 million instantaneous, and a very a success franchise changed into the bearing.

So, here the list ends. But we would love to hear from you your personal favourite movie. You can suggest your views or topics in the comments section below and we promise we’ll try to cover it on our next set of articles. For more updates like this, stay tuned with Lyfetainment.



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