5 Practical Rules to Achieving Your Goals


You are the lucky person in this world, who think about their dreams. There are only 1% of people think about their dreams, the rest of the people are busy in their daily life.

Before entering the rules of achieving goals, let’s understand what the Goal is. No matter you are making your goals rapidly or slowly, you have to achieve the Goal; ultimately, it matters.

What is Goal? What is the significance of Goal in our life


“Goal is a dream or hope, what we want to be or what we want to have in our life when we bound the achieving thing, or task by time, then It becomes a goal.”

A goal is as mandatory in our life,  as other living things required. Once we start to think about our life, we start creating our goals. And If we put these goals in a notepad on anywhere else and decide to achieve them, then it is a goal.

Significance of Goals:

  • Mandatory to be a leader in our life.
  • By setting goals, we can achieve anything in our life.
  • By setting and Goals and by work for the goals, you will become ideal in your life.
  • Goals are also responsible for our habits.
  • Important for achieving something big in your life.

These are the significance of Goals, these are all positive signs of a Goal, but there is some negative significance also. As I am discussing practical rules of achieving goals, so I am delving to you all aspects of Achieving goals.

So the negative significances can be like this.

  • You can have to cut down to your belongings, or a loved once, or you can have to minimize your communication with them.
  • Change the schedule.
  • Not live life as others live, which is necessary.
  • Have to take tough decisions.
  • Have to blindly follow your rules, without taking any once advice.

These are the negative significance, but according to me, these things will not harm to your life. Because the truth of life is for Achieving something, There will be left anything in life. So don’t worry start to work for your goals today.

So here is the 5 Rules of Achieving Goals


  • Commitment to Achieve Something.
  • Go-getter mindset
  • consistency in the working process
  • Follow to the leaders.
  • Keep your eyes on the final Goal

Are you ready to rock on life? If yes then continue this article otherwise you may go out. I am telling you this because anyone who wants to achieve his/her goals should be enthusiastic first and should ready to get knowledge, ready to do something.

  • Commitment to Achieve Something:


We all know about our life, and we understand our mental level. The commitment process was started from our birth when we were committed to walking, then we walked, We were committed to learning cycling, we drove the cycle. Like these things, when we were committed to achieving something, then we achieved that thing definitely.

So start to commit for your Goal, once you think about doing something convert it into a goal, set the time limit for that thing. And now the time to commit for this thing, you must have to put it down on a paper, or on your diary. Revise your commitment daily to motivate yourself. It will be good if you start taking motivation regarding your Goal.

  1. Go-Getter Mindset


So this is a thing which can confuse yourself. Because It is not necessary that everyone has this mindset. So let it be clear, If you are of this type of mindset people then it is ok for you. And If you are not, then you have can do 2 things in your daily life. Produce a fear, if that Goal has not tended to complete. And the second thing, you have to convert your Goal to a desire, like if you do not achieve your goal, then you will not prove yourself in your life.

So ultimately you have to ready to do anything to achieve that Goal anyhow, but this is not mean that you have to do anything either unethical or the works which are considered as a crime. Be aware, whatever step you want to take to achieve your Goal.

  1. Consistency in the Working Process


Third and the main part of achieving the journey of your goals. There 90% dreamers in the world, who aren’t able to achieve their goals, because they don’t have any consistency in their life. To be consistent in any of the work is not an easy task, it is just because of the surrounding and the doing things options.

But thank God, there are lots of ways to be consistent in my work. And my favourite way is.

We should have 2 things for consistency- Mindset and Feelings

Once we make these two things strong, then we will be able to work consistently for our goals. So I am not discussing these two things, you can go for my previous blog to know about how to be strong to my mindset and feeling.

  1. Follow to the leaders.


You are not born with your decided dream, and maybe your parents haven’t discussed your decided Goal. So one thing is clear that in the journey of achieving goals, we must have to get knowledge about that Goal and this is not enough you must have to follow those leaders who belong to that Goal.

I simply want to tell you, that follow the leaders, who are in the top position on that particular Goal. You can easily find them on the internet. You can also follow the big leaders throughout the world, whose achievements are the biggest in the world.

Think practically, we don’t have a level of support by our society, that we need. So, it is clear, we have to follow the leaders.

  1. Keep your eyes on the final Goal


There are lots of distraction will come in your life, and the journey of achieving goals will be incomplete after a period of time. So If your eyes are not on your final Goal, then there are fewer chances to be complete that Goal.

You have to do the following things:

  1. Take a printout of your Goal and paste it on your drawing room or bedroom.
  2. Visualize the moment, when you will achieve that Goal.

iii. Discuss our Goal of like-minded people. Mark my words- discuss with only like-minded people, because there are less no of people in this world who believe in dreams.

  1. Make weekly plans for your goals.
  2. Make your Goal dependent.

So these are the 5 Rules, which are based on practical life. If you have any query about achieving goals in your life, then you must have to comment below. I will give you the answer to your question. You can request me to write about any of the topic, which is related to this article.

Keep going ahead in your life and make yourself an ideal person of your own life. Don’t compare yourself, if you are ideal for you, then this is enough.


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