The 5 Stages Of Mindful Awakening


The process of awakening, from its very first beginning to consummation, can be broadly divided into five phases.

The phases are not to be considered as the one is completed and then the next begins. The transition from one phase to the next is fluid, and the phases merge. Overall, however, they show the path that today’s awakening people take.

Phase 1: The Beginning Of Awareness

Before phase 1, man, like almost everyone else, is a dormant, separate human being who has not the least idea of his true nature and real life. If he hears something about it, he dismisses it as nonsense. He lives firmly in the mass consciousness, keeps what he has been told about life over and over again, real and correct and basically lives the way he has learned from family and society.

But one day something happens. He reads a book someone gave him, he sees a movie, he’s attending an event he did not really want to go to, or something similar in that direction. Then it makes a click. Man begins to see things differently than before. He begins to question more and more, he is no longer so easily satisfied with the explanations of others. He begins to really his own to worry and not just regurgitate in his mind what others have said and written.

Phase 2: The Work-Up

Man sees himself suddenly changed. Things that he believed for a long time, of which he was firmly convinced, he suddenly believes no more. But he believes other things he has previously considered pure nonsense. Previously an atheist and a materialist, he flirts with the idea that there is such a thing as God. If he previously had a religious belief, he now loses his image of God and religious morality. Man discovers that there is something like energy and that the universe is not just matter. The word consciousness becomes more important.

The awakening wants to know more. He devours spiritual books, looks for relevant sites on the internet, is enthusiastic about changelings, etc. His bookshelves have really changed a lot! He seeks contact with like-minded people, attends lectures, workshops and seminars. As he absorbs new information, he wants to share his newfound knowledge and tell the entire world how wise he is now. He feels on the way to the right truth.

Phase 3: The Transformation

If you want to be in the New Energy, you must first get out of the old, dual. He can take it with him … nothing. Phase 3 is the phase where human transformation becomes serious, the caterpillar becomes a butterfly, and the cat becomes a bird.

Phase 4: The New Birth

The new divine self sees the light of day. Man really recognizes who he really is. He realizes that he is whatever you want to call it God, his soul, his divine self, or is. This is the much quoted awakening, the realization of all knowledge. In a short time everything will change again. Man sees clearly as never before. He discovers what knowledge really means: it’s just seeing how something really is. You do not have to learn anything, you just see it. New energy now begins to become clear, man gets a real concept of it and a real sense of it.

Phase 5: The Expression

It expresses everything that needs to be said.


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