5 Pillars For Creating Positive Change In Life


Whatever positive change you require in your life, whether you’re building something new or changing something existing, whether it’s a career, connection, health, money or lifestyle there are 5 pillars for active change which hold true in all circumstances. Often the absence of even one of these pillars is enough to put you on unstable ground. To assure you set yourself up for achievement, write down the appropriate things you need to improve or create in your life, and then check off each one against the list of 5 pillars below.



Life will clearly offer its fair share of barriers, roadblocks and wonderful experiences. To endure through such events the right posture must be developed and undergirded by determination. Courage is that constant strength to endure and remain strong through any circumstance. When tough times hit, the way you respond will be a result of your fortitude. Develop fortitude endurance, strong determination and it will take you far in life.


Emotional control

Our emotions have great and obvious indirect effects on our lives. Think about a time when you were anxious for a long period of time. You couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep, were irritable, and basically hated life in general. Saying things you didn’t mean in the heat of rage, hurting people, and maybe even ending connections. We help greatly from emotional control or strength throughout our lives. With less emotional things to carry, we can truly focus on what’s relevant to us. Learn how the human psyche works and what affects it. Learn your personal triggers that make you lose control. Learn the skills needed to go deal with those negative emotions which you feel most often. Learn the biology behind what causes our emotions as well. This is where your research and results with health might overlap, hence the positive spillover effects.


Is it a set of life habits?

What we all require and desire is to build a life that takes happy moments and sews it together into a life of achievement. Creating a life that increases despite the pain and grief that inescapably appear. That provides us with an inner sense of well-being. A foundation so strong that it will help us when times get tough.

How do you accomplish that?

  • It is an ecosystem and process that becomes a list of habits.
  • It is a big project and it is the work of a continuance.

Business eminence and excellence

Historically businesses and businesses have worked with the sole intention to make money, but many are now taking a step back and identifying their greater confidence in society. Connecting your organization’s purpose helps employees to see the bigger picture and where they fit in to help accomplish the company goals.


Social Skills

We talk to people. No matter how introverted you are, you have to.  Social skills come into place. Nowadays, we prefer to envelop ourselves in games, drama series, or movies rather than connecting with humans. This is the same as health where the self-help industry is saturated with vague and not very effective advice. However, there are some gems out there besides all that noise so is composed in searching. Furthermore, start small. Social skills take strength and lots of practice. However, this skill is absolutely crucial in life and it will have a huge spillover to other perspectives as well.


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