Here Are 7 International Affordable Hideouts From India That You Must Check Out!


He has gone overseas for studies. She is running foreign places. They’ve settled in foreign. How oftentimes have such ‘worldwide’ phrases interested you approximately the costly lifestyles others are mainly in a faraway land making you wish if you too may want to see the sector beyond the seas? Definitely, some of the instances.

A whole lot of humans like you have got given the concept to move overseas at one or the opposite factor of life but crushed their plans due to the money restraints. Properly, you want now not kill your desires to any extent further because of the monetary curbs as we bring you a list of the chosen international locations you may plan a trip to without placing a burden for your pocket.

Check the 7 cheapest countries to journey from India without feeling terrible approximately your savings.

1. Nepal

Allow’s start with the nearest one. a really perfect select the various reasonably-priced Vacation locations of the sector, Nepal gives you the required wreck from the manic schedule you go through each day. The scenic landscapes dotted with cultural hallmarks are exactly what you need to delight your soul with and that too without burning a hole in your pocket.


Prices: Get reasonably-priced flight tickets beginning from Rs. 4500 from Delhi. Experience low-cost lodging in Kathmandu starting from Rs. 500 per night. The reasonably-priced food fees would deal with your finances. If you cross by using the cautioned length of life that’s 7 days and 6 nights, the most money you’ll need to spend might be Rs. 25,000.

2. Bhutan

‘Land of Thunder Dragons’ – Doesn’t it sound charming? If it does, then why now not enjoy this fascination! You don’t move far to go to the untouched natural splendour of Bhutan as it is at a stone’s throw far from India.


Prices: A favoured spot for the cheap holidays, you can step inside the international boundary of Bhutan via a bus experience costing Rs. 2000 in step with the head. You may discover a respectable visitor residence for as low as Rs. 500 consistent with the night. Eating at neighbourhood joints might be a great alternative with overall bill costing around Rs. 250 in keeping with man or woman. You may effortlessly land up your 6 days trip in Rs. 35,000.

3. Thailand

We realize which you have seen a rating of social media posts via your pals touring Thailand. However, do you understand how did they manipulate to make it international so easily? Absolutely, as it’s cheap! offering the pleasure of nature as well as nightlife, Thailand is a comforting desire to your reasonably-priced vacations’ plan.


Prices: An increase booking can get you cheap flight tickets beginning from Rs. 10,000. Full of budget staying alternatives, you can get a room for Rs. 500 in line with the character. Food and fun, each is clean to have the funds for with a couple of alternatives at your disposal. Your 6 days trip can be decently managed beneath Rs. 30,000.

4. Singapore

Some other Indian favourite amongst cheap vacation locations is the ‘Lion town of Asia’ – Singapore! Famous for its meals, the way of life and structure, this global vacation spot may be blanketed in 2-three days.


Charges: Flights from Delhi begin from Rs. 10,000. In case you are a backpacker, you may recall staying in a hostel costing you no longer greater than Rs. 600 in step with night time. Meals fees affordable with an invoice of Rs. 500 for a meal which includes main, drink and dessert. The experience could price you around Rs. 40,000. What else do you want more from Singapore?

5. Vietnam

With a captivating beauty presented at cheap prices, Vietnam makes for a super preference on your subsequent international tour booking. With a mix of seashores and wildlife, this merits a unique region in your 2019 overseas expedition listing.


Unique Word: The mystery misty Son Doong Cave is magical. An international of its personal, beautified by means of the nature with each small detail. Majestic is just every other phrase when describing this location. Now you could have a few concepts, how it without a doubt is!!

Expenses: The air tickets begin at Rs. 9000 from Delhi. A hostel can price you Rs. four hundred, whilst a first-rate resort room can be booked for Rs. seven hundred in keeping with the night. Eating at avenue stalls let you shop your precious dollars. The whole vacation of 6 days may be well summed up below Rs. forty-two,000.

6. Sri Lanka

In case you don’t want to experience alien in an international land, Sri Lanka is an excellent desire for you. much like India, it is home to beautiful landscapes and wealthy lifestyle. A popular backpacking vacation spot, Sri Lanka has a unique appeal you cannot face up to.

Sri Lanka

Expenses: You can get cheap flight tickets at Rs. 10,000. Hostels with dormitory fashion begin at Rs. six hundred consistent with night time. You can delight in a hefty meal along with your overall bill costing no longer extra than Rs. 500, whilst a Sri Lankan meal can fee you much less than Rs. a hundred. For a stay of 5 days, the overall tour calculation becomes Rs. 33,000.

7. Indonesia

Every other highlight of the cheap vacation destinations from India, Indonesia guarantees a bounty of nature in the price range. Regardless of if you are seeking a spiritual journey or an adventurous one, Indonesia gives both elegantly. home to more than 17,000 islands country ,nation. Showcases a perfect mingling of various cultures.


Costs: Airfares begin at Rs. eleven,000. Hostels in Jakarta fee round Rs.700 onwards in step with night time. Street meals charge Rs.120 on an average, even as a meal in a respectable local eating place can value Rs. 500. A 5-day ride can be loved in less than Rs. 45,000.

So what are you waiting for, travel peeps? Start visiting these amazing international hideout places one by one!


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