Happiness Is Related To Healthcare: Here Is how


No one is clear about whether the famous saying “wealth does not give you the real happiness” is true, which reminds us that our emotional well being cannot depend on material goods, however, what science could have proven is the fact happiness, and health is related to each other.

Happy people have to take better care of them and lead to healthy behaviors or lifestyles. The study concluded that there is evidence strong enough to establish a direct term between happiness, health, and longevity. Below is a little point about how happiness is related to healthcare

Happy people have to take better care of themselves and lead healthy behaviors or lifestyles

  • Likewise, it has been related to longer telomeres, that is, the ends of the arms of a chromosome, which prevents it from attaching to other chromosomes and shortening with age.
  • Still, since many of these studies are observational and there are many variables beyond their control, the authors claim that there is evidence strong enough to establish a relationship between pleasure, health and, failing that, longevity. On the other hand, the question remains as to why in some people it is more evident than in others.
  • It is like cigarettes: we do not be familiar why some people live up to 100 years even though they smoke, while others die of cancer at age 50 and have not tried one in their entire lives,” A doctor The professor and his team carried out this investigation following a 2015 study similar to his that found no evidence on this fact, therefore, they saw the need to refute it and defend the effects of pleasure


Looking for happiness

The problem arises in how to seek pleasure. Although the brain has a natural propensity to have positive emotions, the authors of the report say, “it is necessary to stimulate it.”

As ┬áDoctors recalls, “pleasure is worked, you cannot wait sitting at home, for example, people who do sports regularly are happy when they do it because the brain secretes serotonin and oxytocin and generates a feeling that makes you happy. , we have to look for what makes us happy “. Nor should we forget the important role of social and family support to overcome health problems and other adversities. “It is essential for people to feel better health and helps them to preserve, to a large extent, their level of satisfaction when they suffer a problem,”

There is no single point that stimulates us to provide pleasure,” warn the authors of the research. It is necessary that science deepens in the way of favoring health from welfare. “Probably, there is the pleasure gene, but it is not just one, but there are several candidates that can provide this mental state and it is important to know how they are activated to make this happen.” At the moment, the gene that is most likely to be linked to pleasure is “the one that is related to serotonin.”

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