How To Deal With People Who Don’t Like You


Over the world, everyone interacts with would be nice, gentle, kind, friendly and more. While trying to create fiend circles, probably you will contact with at least one person who doesn’t like you. At that time, you would feel frustrated, because, you have never done anything in person to them. It doesn’t mean we are bad people; else we make some little mistakes. Now, you let’s face it.

Some people said ‘I don’t care if people like me or not’, they are making an emotional wall used to restrict the hurt of rejection. Here some realistic approach about dealing with someone who doesn’t like you: 

Accept the difference:

Sometimes, people said there is nothing can identify that would wipe out someone the wrong way. At that moment, you should accept that each and everyone are not like you in the world and said ‘that’s ok’ to yourself.

You are not here to convince them, you should be polite, but don’t stop being loyal to who you are. Here, you should always remember, no one is perfect in this world. 

Be aware of your own emotions

It is the more important thing to always remind your own feelings and emotions. But eventually, you should control how you to react to those situations.

When you allow them to play your feelings, people will drive you crazy. So, don’t let your feelings spin out of control. When people are rubbing you with wrong way, identify those feelings and let them go without any contact with that person. You just smile and walk away.

You should treat everyone with an equal level of respect. It doesn’t mean you have to go along with what the person says, but you have to be polite and be civilized. 

Don’t take it seriously and give some space

Most of the conversation is probably a misunderstanding. If you really disagree with someone, try and see it from their view.

Control your feelings and no need to overreact. You should try to focus on facts and try to avoid how other people are reacting, it doesn’t matter how foolish or irrational. You just focus on the issue.

If you want some space, you may take it. You are perfectly within your certain limits and decide while you interact with someone.

Deliver your feelings calmly and consider using a mediator

Nowadays, the way of communication is important than what we say. When people are continuously irritating you and it leads to larger issues, now, it’s time to say something calmly.

You can use a mediator in your conversation because they bring the level of equality to the situation.

Pick your Battles

Sometimes, it may be easiest one to let things to go, because, not every people are worth to your time and attention. You have to question yourself whether you would like to engage with the person or your hard work might be better spent on getting on with your work.

Probably, you can get over it quickly and fairly.

Let’s face everything. Try to apologize people who are repeatedly irritating you but don’t try to explain yourself. Mostly, you should focus on the positive side of the people. Spend your time and attention to someone who is interested in hanging out with you.


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