How To Impress Your Clients In 1st Meeting

How To Impress Your Clients In 1st Meeting

When you start a life as an entrepreneur, one of the most important aspects is undoubtedly creating a portfolio of clients. It is an arduous task that is not done overnight, it requires time and dedication. Next we want to share with you 5 tips both to prepare for your first meeting or interview and to get one. Do not get distracted by how you are going to manage to sign the agreement, but in the previous steps to have the encounter with this potential client.

First Of All, Study Your Possible Client.

Before starting any contact, it is essential to know who you want to work with, investigate your commercial activity, your target audience, your history … Do not improvise or think that you will do well without preparing anything because normally it is not like that. If that client interests you, prove it. Know who is in charge of the commercial activity, who makes the decisions, in this way you can defend your project much better.

You already know your client, but … do not forget to know who you are!

You have thoroughly studied your objective, but do not forget that as an entrepreneur you must know your business philosophy, values and services in order to establish what benefits they would produce. You must be prepared for any question about yourself and not fall into contradictions or doubts.

Define your PUV (Unique Selling Position), that is, the differentiating value that you have and others not. For example, there are certain brands of cars that when you think of them suggest concepts such as “economic”, other “security” and other “speed”. Discover your unique selling position and play with it to make it a point in your favour.

How To Impress Your Clients In 1st Meeting

Convince Yourself That You Can Do It.

If you do not think you are capable, nobody is going to do it for you. You must trust your possibilities and know how to sell yourself. Whether or not it is about this, sell your service, skills and product as the best. The market is full of entrepreneurs, so you must show why you are the best option and one of the main pillars is to transmit a strong attitude and a strong moral conscience.

The First Contact Is Very Important. Be Creative.

We have not even contacted each other yet to get that first interview, but … what can we do to get it granted? First of all, be different, creative, get your attention. The most common option would be to contact you by phone since you take the trouble to not send a simple email that probably does not end up in the bin. But use the method you use do not fall into the same recurring speech, stroke your brain a little, have them remind you or at least take the trouble to ask you to send them your project / proposal. Be surprising, we have a multitude of tools at our disposal that can help us be, take advantage of them, if you need to be inspired by other success stories, do not be afraid, the viral effect can also be very beneficial for you.


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