How to make Impossible Possible without affecting our life

how to make impossible possible

Are you looking for the solution to stick in one goal? Do you fail every time whenever you start a particular work? Has your heart broken down after your failure?

These all are the common questions of today’s youth and enthusiastic people.

Hello, everyone, I am Govind Singh. Today I am going to give you the whole process and work ethics to make impossible, possible. So let’s get started.

About the Goals and Task


I probably correct in my terms that every time you have set some goals, make a perfect strategy, put the tasks on your calendar and go for the action. But when you are in the phase of the struggle, there is something that happens in this goal completion journey and your strategy is not going as you decided in the starting phase. Then what has happened in this time, most probably everyone left the work or start giving less effort for that particular goal set and get defeated.

reality of goals and task

So, this is the actual reality of your Goal. I am not saying to you that your Goal was not good, or you don’t have the courage to chase such type of goals. I am not saying to you that you find something unrealistic thing and try to achieve them.

So we all know that we can do anything which we want. So this is not the cause that you find something unachievable thing and try to achieve that thing.

One simple thing I want to tell you about the Goals and tasks. Most of the time, we don’t complete any of the tasks within the fixed time, because of our capability and knowledge level. So some people get success easily, but some people don’t get to succeed in their whole life.

Reasons behind success and failure for the completion of Goals

“The failure is only meant to stop doing the work or left the work, success is definite if you commit to never quite to work for your goal.”

So this is the one line answer for above-mentioned heading. Although whatever situation you are in.

Reasons for success:


  1. Successful people don’t leave to work for their goals, either they get lots of failures. The failure is only considered when you left the work; otherwise, you are not a failure.
  2. They work for a particular goal in one time. Some people achieve more the one goal in one time, but these people are very experienced persons, they start their journey in their early life, and today, they are capable of achieving more than one goal in one time.
  3. Successful people don’t dare to the people, either they have 1 supportive person only, and all their belongings are opposing them to do that particular
  4. Successful people are unique and follow the different path apart from the queue of other people’s. Today, the Goal can be anything, It can be getting a central govt job. But the person who cracks the exam of the central govt would be extraordinary, the game changer, enthusiastic, desperate to complete their decided tasks.
  5. The association of successful people is very good. You must have to be with a good association, don’t connect with people emotionally, connect them for their goodness.

Reasons for failure:


  1. They left their work in between the journey of success or getting an achievement for a particular goal.
  2. They took part in multiple goals and failed to complete a particular work for any of the goals.
  3. They always think about what other people think about them.
  4. They used to follow the queue of other people who want to get success in the same field in which people want to get.
  5. They don’t associate with good community people. So that they don’t get the proper guidance to complete the work of a particular work.

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Things to be strong in making impossible possible

Mindset for your Goal:

Mindset is a thought process which gives you a great feeling for your work. When you feel good for your work and task, then your work will be more effective.

Mindset only comes from the knowledge, and you must have to gather more and more knowledge or daily knowledge regarding the Goal you have set.

Thought by Govind

How to make a mindset for a particular Goal

  1. Explore the things, explore the knowledge regarding that Goal. The mindset is only strong when you start getting knowledge and guidance for the Goal in a repeated manner. Don’t afraid of the repetition of knowledge gathering.
  2. Let’s think about your past when you were in your school, you memorised your answers twice, thrice and many more times. And after doing such type of thing, you wrote in your exam, and you got good marks in your exam.
  3. So just like those days, you have to follow the same criteria to get succeed in your goals. Paste the picture of your Goal in your bedroom. Think about it every time when you are free. Read articles, watch videos, get the guidance of popular persons who actually got success in the same field.
  4. Set small goals and achieve them and after the achievement celebrates them, at a small level or at a bigger level.
  5. Don’t accept the advice of those people, who are not related to your field, because they can guide you as motivation level, but they don’t give the guide of task completion or the knowledge for that particular work.

   I always go for the meetings and seminars for my multilevel marketing business, even I am not doing good in this business. But after getting the knowledge and guidance in a repeated manner, Now I am able to do this business and able to generate some income.

So, this is good you don’t know anything about that particular work, but it is not good If you don’t gather any of the knowledge or guidelines for that particular work.

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Feeling good for your Goal:

Good feelings are the only cause to complete work in a good manner. Every time you see that if anybody has a bad feeling for and start doing work, then he/she definitely will fail on that work. So it is a must that you have to feel good for your work or Goal.

How to make a good feeling about your Goal:

  1. Star doing something which makes you happy but makes sure that work must be authentic and related to the Goal and mindset. Suppose you want to achieve a goal, then your feeling should always be enthusiastic and ready to work. So you need to do anything likeable work to feel good.
  2. Don’t take multiple tasks in one time, be free yourself in most of the time. So that you don’t get frustrated.
  3. Don’t think about the result, think about the tasks, small tasks. So that the picture of your Goal can be clear and you feel good.

   When I was working for my goals and start feeling good for my Goal, then I always play 2 or 3 music, because I love to listen to music. And I play this music in a queue and in a rea=peated manner. Then I was feeling good and they feeling is only that I have to achieve the Goal in any of the situations. So that my enthusiasm level was increased automatically.

Results and conclusion:

So first, we have to make a mindset for the Goal, it will effect on the journey of your Goal. And you will always do the work in the right direction. When you make your mindset in the right direction, you get the automatic answers of your small task failure cause then you don’t feel regret for any of the small failure of your Goal’s journey.

Feelings will help you to sustain yourself in a critical situation, whenever you will get failed to complete any of the small tasks. It also helps you to work in a good manner or in a happy mood.




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