How to Overcome Laziness?


Laziness effectively and give you significant instructions to help you achieve it. Well, we all know that feeling: we have a set of work to do but suddenly we feel lazy. Even a permanent state of sluggishness prevents us from feeling motivated to carry out our tasks. We do not feel energetic and simply do not want to do any particular activity, either because we lack inspiration or because we do not have enough self-discipline to start working.

There are many ways to overcome sluggishness. Some methods require analyzing how we can see what is the real problem or the setting of concrete objectives to establish a goal that serves as a beacon. However, not everything in life is so complicated.

  1. Simple Things First

Obviously, it is necessary to remember that to do amazing you have to begin doing it. Thoughts about responsibility it is not worth it, we must execute it, and we must initiate the action. To do this, we propose the following, read carefully this riddle proposed by Ana Moreno: “There are three birds in a tree and two of them decide to jump. How many birds are there now? ”

The problem is the blockade that accompanies laziness: where do I start? Do not complicate your life and start with the simplest. And if everything is the same, simplify your choice by doing the first thing that comes up. It is not the best way to organize, but it is the most effective way to start doing something.

  1. Make A To-Do List

Sometimes we find ourselves in chaotic situations with a lot of work to do. It is very difficult not to lose track of all the work that needs to be done. How to start by the simplest if you do not know what to do?

To solve this, sit down for a moment and write down what you contain to act in a list in the format that you like the most: write down everything on paper or in independent notes that you will place on a board, for example. Give yourself this moment to describe what you have in front.

With this list in front, you can already decide. Eliminate superfluous tasks and leave less urgent tasks for another day. Then, take the simplest task, the one that takes the least amount of time and takes that first step.

Then, step by step, move forward in the list. Do not judge yourself; do not try to comprehend intellectually the whole problem. It simply advances, crossing out or removing what is done.

  1. Visualize The Benefits Of A Task Done

If you are lazy on doing amazing because of the effort involved, think about what will happen when it is done. Visualize the result and enjoy it. This will fill you with energy and restore your motivation. Visualizing the finished tasks helps to overcome the inner resistance that was preventing you from getting involved with those tasks.

The visualization also helps to pose options on how to solve the possible problems to perform a task or to pose something as simple as where to start.

  1. Eliminate Distractions

Usually, distractions are the source of laziness and the only reason why we decided to postpone tasks for another time, which makes them seem even more boring.


Whatever it is that distracts you, eliminate it.  Make sure that once you have started one of the tasks there is nothing to distract you. You know very well what it is, for this you will not have to do a great exercise of self-exploration.

To conclude, these strategies can be as useful as they are decisive. Sometimes, a small change in our routine is enough to generate changes as positive as productive. Put them into practice.


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