How To Shift Your Perspective For A Healthy Living


Getting a healthy living is linked with the ways of life that comprises the usual practice of physical activity accompanied by a healthy eating habit. Sports and health are closely linked.

A balanced diet and sports are effective in slowing down health problems when both are a regular part of your routine. The adequate consumption of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and proteins is essential for the normal functioning of the organism. Take a look at our selection of recipes to start building your healthy diet plan.

It is recommended to follow a balanced and varied diet to lead a healthy life, although it is not always easy. Some nutrients such as proteins, calcium, vitamin C and vitamin D are keys to the maintenance of good muscle, bone and joint health.

Accepting life means recognizing and assuming the changes of our body and the different perspectives of it. Knowing the aspects that contribute to a good state of health and being open to discover new approaches and new habits can help us get the most out of life

From this perspective it can be determined that the habits necessary to lead a healthy life are the following:

Balance Diet:  A healthy diet is governed by including all the foods included in the nutritional pyramid, but in the right proportions and in sufficient quantity (no more) to maintain the nutritional needs of the organism based on the energy consumption that it makes with daily activity. The daily energy value of the diet should be 30-40 kilocalories per weight. Carbohydrates must occupy 50-55% of the nutrients, with no more than 10% of simple sugars. The fats must be 30% of the total energy value, distributed as follows: 15-20% monounsaturated fats, 5% polyunsaturated and no more than 7-8% saturated. The consumed proteins must not exceed 10% of the diet. Finally, about 20-25 grams of vegetable fiber must be added to the organism.

Toxic Habits: Tobacco, alcohol and drugs have a very negative impact on health. The only tolerance refers exclusively to wine or beer, of which even the consumption of the equivalent of a daily drink is recommended.

Physical Exercise: The general recommendations determine about 30 minutes of physical activity per day, being sufficient to walk at a rapid pace during this time. This allows you to burn excess calories and strengthen muscles and bones, but also helps control blood pressure, cholesterol and blood glucose levels, in addition to helping to eliminate stress and help you sleep better, acquire a state of relaxation and avoid mood swings, improve self-esteem and personal satisfaction status. It can also be a good way to develop a healthy social activity when the exercise is done in company.

Hygiene: Proper hygiene avoids many health problems: from infections to dental or dermatological problems. The concept of hygiene not only refers to the cleaning and cleaning of the body, but also affects the domestic environment.

Mental Balance: It does not refer to the existence of mental illness, but to the state of emotional and psychological well-being, necessary to maintain and develop cognitive abilities, social relations and coping with the personal and professional challenges of daily life. Stress, fatigue, irascibility, anxiety are, among others, some of the signs that indicate that the mental state is not entirely healthy.


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