Living Is Giving Here At Seva Cafe, Ahmedabad


In this monotonous world, where everybody is busy earning money, humanity is left behind in search of earning money. Frequently, we all come across various news right from sexual harassment to relationships to success stories, but a very few of us who think to work for the sake of humanity. Seva Cafe in Ahmedabad is one such example of humanity and kindness still exists. After knowing what they’re promoting, we thought we would like to share it with you guys also. Trust me, your heart would get filled with compassion and kindness also. Just spare your 5 minutes and take a look.

Seva Cafe, a cafeteria launched in Ahmedabad that believes in Mahatma Gandhi’s concepts. Where the food is cooked by means of volunteers, served by using volunteers and on the end of the meal, the visitors handiest pay what they sense like.

‘The perfume always stays at the hand that gives the rose.’ – Mahatma Gandhi

This principle has been imbibed through Seva Cafe, a cafeteria released in Ahmedabad that believes in Mahatma Gandhi’s ideas. In which the meals are cooked by way of volunteers, served by way of volunteers and at the quiet of the meal, the visitors best pay what they experience like.


Where Seva Cafe Is Located?

Seva Cafe, positioned on the top ground, contrary city’s municipal marketplace in Ahmedabad is a precise test. Driven via volunteers and operated with the aid of a small group of workers, food at Seva Cafe are cooked and served to guests with love.

What Amazes Us In Regards To Seva Cafe?

The bill was given at the cease reads Rs zero with most effective this footnote: “Your meal turned into a gift from someone who got here earlier than you. To maintain the chain of items alive, we invite you to pay it forward for the ones dine once you.”

The intention is to hold this chain going, in which the generosity of both guests and volunteers assist to create a destiny that moves from transaction to accept as true with and from the worry of scarcity to the birthday party of abundance. Several young specialists, students may be visible at the cafe, sporting aprons, cutting greens, cooking food for visitors or washing utensils and laying tables for the nighttime.

“Serving others without anything in go back is what we learn here. The concept is totally exclusive. Guests aren’t expected to pay a specific quantity. We learn how to be given anything charge is made. It gave me gigantic happiness.” says Shalini Kochar, who volunteered with Seva Cafe for 2 years.

The cafe runs at the contributions made by way of the guests and the accounting is completely obvious with the figures displayed on the awareness board inside the cafe. The idea has clicked with people in Ahmedabad.

Vimmi Surti, a younger paralegal, regularly visits Seva Cafe along with her friends. “There may be no other cafe like this in Ahmedabad. It feels so heat. I see so many younger human beings volunteer and residing Gandhi’s principles on this age is certainly exceptional,” feels Vimmi. Ranjani Shashtry visits the cafe frequently to network.

“This cafe has come to be like a hub for children who study giving and serving. I’ve met such a lot of interesting humans right here. humans from numerous fields come to paintings and volunteer and it will become like one big own family,” says Shashtry.

No wonder that this Cafe has marked six success years of functioning only on humans’ “gifts”. At Seva Cafe, all prices and income are made obvious and a hundred in step with the scent of any profits are used to assist social provider projects. Seva Cafe is open four days every week from Thu-sun from 7 pm to ten pm, to 50 visitors are served.

Don’t just read, pack your bags and head to Ahmedabad and taste Seva Cafe lip-smacking food. You’ll also learn the real hospitality over there, we bet. So, what are you waiting for? We’ve given you enough reasons to check out this cafe.


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