6 Rules To Be Productive At Work

Rules To Be Productive

Your boss might always scold you for several reasons, even for the quantity of work. It might not be possible for you to take care of all the things, but when it comes to increasing your own productivity; yes it can be done.

The consequences of the work done portray the kind of focus and planning that you had done. It may sound very simple on paper, but it needs some efforts to achieve it. Life isn’t considered a life if there are no challenges in it.

Rules To Be Productive



We have compiled a list of golden tips/rules that can let you enhance your productivity at work:

  • Sticky Notes

Well, you might confuse sticky notes with a To-Do list or Not-to-do list. But it isn’t the case, sticky notes include all the things that you daily go through. May it be any kind of check or anything else. When you bid bye to your office mates, you should write down all the things that retarded your productivity or affected you in a negative form.

All those things that wasted your time such as gossiping during work or using Whatsapp in between or watching the new trendy YouTube videos will go into sticky notes. Do write down the average time spent on each such activity and from next day onwards, try to limit or reduce the time spent on each activity. You can also take care of all the Do’s and Don’ts for better results.

  • Mark the Most Effective Time Span

When you come to the office in the morning, you are in the freshest of state, some people feel energetic after lunch. May it be any time of the working hours, you need to figure it and try to finish maximum work in that particular span.

  • Arrange Things Systematically

A working place should be as such that all the things placed near you should be arranged in an order and a clean environment is required. You can’t work productively in a messy environment. So try to ensure that your working space is clean, clear up the unnecessary big piles of papers.

  • Share your Goals

It is a fact that if you share your work or life goals with the people around you or especially your office mates, then you are more likely to get pushed towards doing that work. You will feel more accountable and indirectly, it will aid in soared levels of productivity.

  • Restrict the Timing of Meetings

All the meetings and extra activities are not of that much importance as they seem to be on paper. You at your end need to restrict the timings of such meetings/activities to less than 30 minutes. Even if you miss out on some things, you can ask it from your office mates.

  • Divide your Time

If you set and follow the particular time limits for all your works, you will get bounded to that time. It will end up in better time management and improved efficiency or productivity.


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