The Fitting Tribute to Sardar Patel: Statue of Unity

India has constructed the tallest figure of the world. This is also an acknowledgment to the great freedom fighter Sardar Vallabhai Patel. The Statue of Unity which is also known as so, is located 200 km away from Ahmedabad the city of Gujarat. This Statue is inaugurated on the month of October, 31st this year, the birth date of this renowned freedom struggler of the country. He was also recognized as the ‘Ironman of India’.

How The Country India Will Be Benefitted From This Statue?

Sardar Vallabhai Patel is one of the popular icons of India who had contributed a lot for India’s Liberation Struggle. This statue will not only mark India as the leader on this category but also lead in tourism sector. It is expected that this statue will help this place to grow more in terms of economy and habitant. Even this will also give a message to the world that India is economically sound to deliver anything unique to the people as well. The idea behind developing this statue is to prosper unity among people and certainly this will help India to become a united country as written in the Constitution of India. Moreover, as tourism grows, employment for people will also increase in this part of the state which will have a positive effect on the economy of the country as a whole.

What Extra Visitors Will Get From This Tourist Spot?

Definitely the makers of this statue have kept a lot of things to offer for the visitors. The tickets of this spot can also be booked online so that the visitors do not need to stand at the queue. The spot also includes of a selfie point from where the visitors can click their photographs. This is a place from where you will able to get a good view point of the entire statue. The spot is also surrounded by an audio – visual display gallery imposed of an automated ramp. The main objective of the museum is to showcase the artefacts as well as the documents of Sardarji’s life. Along with it there is a Cafeteria as well as accommodation facility for the visitors as well. Gradually, the makers also decided to build up a tent city where the tourists able to stay at night on the bank of the sacred river, Narmada. The entire city will run on solar energy power. The Sculpture is also associated with a Valley of Flowers where you can experience several varieties of Flowers.

More Important Facts About The Statue

This marvelous figure has been curated by the Padma- Bhushan winner, Ram V Sutar. The entire project required 250 engineers, 3400 labourers to actually create the same of a period around 33 months. The main notable feature of the statue is – it will provide a viewing galleria at a height of approx. 193 metres above the sea level which can fit around 200 people at once. This colonnade also can provide the glimpse of barrage alike Sardar Sarovar Dam and peak ranges like Satpura and Vindhya ranges.


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