The Story Of A Barber: From Maruti Van To Rolls Royce & Similar 120 Luxury Cars

“The Story Of Ramesh Babu Is Inspiring”

When things don’t happen the right way always remember, “It takes only 6 hours to built a Toyota, but it takes 6 months to built a Rolls Royce

When you start living accordingly to your own pace and your guidelines, you’re making yourself prepared for the sure-shot success. This is what the story of Ramesh Babu is all about. Ramesh Babu is a Barber who resides in Bangalore. We’re talking about him because Ramesh Babu started from the very bottom as a Barber and now he is a millionaire. Like us, you all are raising your imaginary collar how is that possible? How a barber turns himself into a self-made millionaire.

You’ll be astonished to know that there is no rocket science behind his success. He made himself a millionaire with his hard work and full dedication. His mother used to clean the house of others and his father was a barber. But, Ramesh dreams were big, he doesn’t want to reside him as a   man. His extraordinary mindset, dedication, and compassion toward achieving his goal made him the self-made millionaire. With a thought in his mind to turn all the tables, Ramesh story is giving us serious life-changing goals and we couldn’t keep calm to present how he transformed his dazzling destiny.

With A Collection of 378 Cars, 120 Are Luxury Cars

“There is no greater joy than being the real you”,  he exclaimed. Ramesh Babu goes on to speak with much honesty, sharing with the listeners how the money involved does not take over his real profession of a barber.  He has a total collection of 378 cars out of which 120 are the luxury one. With so much of wealth in his hands, he still cuts the hairs of people at the diminished possible expense of 150 Rs. You can also have a haircut if you’re are planning to visit Bangalore.

Ramesh Babu Give His Luxury Cars On Rent | Yes, you heard that right. Apart from his real profession of being a barber, he gives his cars on rent. While talking to him, he stated; “My wealth is not something that I got from my family or ancestors”, my hard work and full dedication to getting succeed made it possible for me to make a sure shot and huge success. He started working at the age of 14 and his first salary was 100 Rs per month.

How did Ramesh Babu get Into His Business?

Ramesh father was a barber by profession and after his death, his uncle took the initiative of running his father’s business. But when Ramesh seems he is capable of handling his father’s business, he took it over from his Uncle and started doing what his father used to do. He also exclaimed; “I used to work from 6 am to 2 pm almost every day and this goes on till he found he is making things work according to him.

Bought His First Car In 1993

Ramesh has a sheer passion for cars and this came into consideration when he purchased his first car Maruti Omni in 1993 and took a loan from the bank/ After few months he realized that things are getting more hard and this might lend him into financial crisis. So, he started giving his car on rent. At first, he used to drive his car by own but, as his car giving business turns strong, he hired a few of the drivers and then things started changing.

Brought His First Rolls Royce Car In 2011

In 2011, he purchased a Rolls Royce car at a whopping cost of 3.5 crores. Ramesh also stated that he has a sheer passion for luxury cars and he wants to add more amazingly luxury cars In his collection of cars.

Why He Still Do Barber’s Work?

You all are wondering why Ramesh Babu still do his family business of Barber even after he is now a millionaire. Your imagination is valid, but this is his generosity towards his commitment that he knows the barber business gave him the exposure he always desires. He believes; though he is a car retail businessman, his love towards his family business would never vanish.

Tell us in the comment section below where you got the inspiration to move forward in your life. And if you have no source to get the inspiration, take the real inspiration from the self-made man Ramesh Babu.


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