There Is So Much To Learn From The Japanese People

Japan. What does comes in your mind first when you heard the word Japan? You all will scream out loud “Technology”. And absolutely! Without a doubt, Japan is very innovative in technology and I must say, it is in on the top of the technology radar in the world. But what do you know more about Japan? What if I say apart from being the most innovative country, Japan and its people are more dedicated to working than any other humans beings of other countries. Would you believe it? YES, it’s true. From their simple dressing style to greeting everyone with a smile, Japanese are the epitome of grace.

Past 2 years, I used to live in Japan for study purpose and I want to share with you guys what I learnt from Japanese human beings. It can be a life-changing experience for you guys also. No matter whether you’ll be visiting Japan or you’re not planning to visit Japan, in this article post, I will tell you why everyone who has been or had been to Japan says “no one returns their home country the same person as when they left” after touring Japan.

So, read on! Here are a few of the things of the Japanese human beings and thanks us later.

1. Return Favors, No Matter What

Japanese human beings are very friendly and helpful. The will do possibly any favour for you if you’re in a serious flux of situation. Like, I’ve lost my mobile while travelling in a superfast bullet train and being the new citizen in this country, I become depressed and anxious that I lost my mobile in a metro. I asked one of the people of my classes; where could I purchase the new phone? And you would not believe what he stated. He stated; your mobile will soon get delivered to you if it is truly lost. And after 2-3hours, one of the police officials delivered the mobile at my hostel. This was really surprising for me.

In return, I only said, thank you to that officer and he greeted me with a heart-melting smile of welcome.

2. Humbleness Go Beyond Saying – Please And Thank You

Humbleness means – being a little more selfless while helping out others and thinking the least what is benificial for you if you’ll help out others.

  1. Celebrate Relationship 

This trait of Japenese people is what I crave for always and it became my personal favourite. From offering the biggest slice of pizza to the friend to offerng the most comfortable seat to your mother at the restaurant to giving the center position to your guest, this is the everyday life of Japense people. When I was in Japan, I witnes these things on the regular basis.

  1. Be A Better Listener

This is why Japenese are far more ahead of us when it comes to innovations and technologies because they are the good listeners. They don’t exclaim to competitive, they give everyone the chance to put off their side no matter how big the argument is. FOR them, silence matters the most even if it comes from the strangers. Isn’t this strange? No, it is not? You should also implement this in your society.

  1. Government Control Is Really A Good Thing

While in Japan, I observed everything, every day went fine because the humans of Japan obey their government rules and regulations with all their heart. For them, cleanliness is next to godliness. There are no strict punishments in Japan but trust me, people still follow the rules for the betterment of other citizens. Like – they don’t drink and drive, they don’t do unnecessary protests against their government. They are well aware that whatever their government will do, it is for the betterment of their citizens. A much-applauded thing I must say.

So, these are a few of the things of the Japanese people that stunt me as well as inspired me to live a healthier life. Tell us in the comments sections below, how many of these things you will implement in your life? Do you already have these traits?


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