Top 5 Legendary Actors Of All The Time


The legendary actors of Hollywood are positioned according to their life instance success. Achievement of victory is considered as per awards and nominations along with acting skills and role transformation.

Below find the list of 5 legendary actors of Hollywood with details of achievements. The list is not made on personal favouritism or on personal issues. It is assumed on the real success of the actors throughout the lifetime.

1. Jack Nicholson

Jack Nicholson He is an American producer, director, actor and also screen writes. He is Academic winner 3 times. He became nominees for 12 times. His acting abilities, versatility and role transformation hold five starts. He received 12 Academy awards. This made him more popular with the highest nominated male actor. He acted I science fiction comedy, romantic comedy. He acted in various types of comedies, romantic roles.

Marlon Brando

2. Marlon Brando

He is considered as a great actor for movies all through life. He is an American film director and actor. Marlon Brando kept his persistence in acting for 50 years. In first life, he got many awards and nominations. In 1960, he acted and directed the film one-eyed jack, western film. This was made flop commercially. 

3. Robert de Niro

Robert De Niro
He was a great actor for all time. He was born in 1943 in New York. He is an American director, actor and producer. For Godfather II, he got the Academy Award for best-supporting actor. He received Academy award as best actor for the film Raging Bull. Robert De Niro started a new war for anti-Trump culture. He got nominations for Golden Award as best actor. He worked for musical drama under motion picture comedy or musical. He acted in comedy films and earned reputations. He acted in taxi driver in 1978. He acted in a romantic comedy in silver linings Playbook. He performed in Deer Hunter in 1978.

Al Pacino

  1. Al Pacino

    was able to prove himself in the film industry as one of the most vibrant actors in Hollywood. He was born in 1940. He had a stunning film career for more than five decades. Al Pacino received a lifetime achievement award from the American Film Institute. He also won the National Medal of Arts. He got the best actor nominations in Oscar.

5. Daniel Day-Lewis

Daniel Day Lewis

He is now a retired actor in English. He used to hold both Irish and British citizenship. Daniel Day-Lewis was born and brought up in London. This name is popular in film history and he attracted numerous awards in the film industry. He attracted three Academy awards for his performances in film My Left Foot. He got an award for And Justice for All. He got an award for Dog Day Afternoon acted in 1975.

The great actors in Hollywood performed in various films and made the instances in Hollywood. The nominations and awards are received by the great actors. They all have made lifetime achievement. For this reason, they have been remembered in the film industry. Their great achievements have made people moved by the different roles and transformation in roles in films by the actors.


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