What is good between JOB and Business? How to Explore best option for your career?


If A businessman exists in a family, then there are high chances that the child of that family do business after his/her education. This is because there is a belief factor in a job or in a Business. If a person becomes successful after a Job, then he/she believe in a job, and if a person became successful by business, then he/she believes in business.

So let’s Understand both.

1. What is the meaning of business in 2019?

“In an organization or in an economic system, the goods and services are exchanged for one another or money.”

2. What is Job?

“A group of homogeneous tasks related by similarity of functions. When performed by an employee in exchange for payment.”
Source: businessdictionary

So these are the meaning of both the terms for which I am going to discuss with you. To be honest, I believe in Startup, which is similar to the business, but there is a difference between Startup and Business.

So I will discuss both the things in these parameters.

  1. Benefits
  2. Challenges
  3. Capital Requirement
  4. Qualification
  5. Mindset
  6. Time Requirement
  7. Other Conditions

So these are the parameter for comparing Job and Business. In this self-growth guide, I am sponsoring any of the business or promoting business, but according to my experience and my opinion business is better than a job.

It all depends on your country’s economy and the percentage of job class and business class. If there is a huge difference between job and business, then the citizens of that country must be the focus on balancing both job and businesses.

Let’s come to explain the parameters here:

1. Benefits:

You get instant money on the job. After joining a company of organization either in government or private sector, you will get the payout after a month. You don’t need to spend money in terms of investment for the job. You can start it at any time when you have proper skills and education.

You will get money by no limit. It may be a huge amount, or it may be a little amount of money. Once your business is settled, then your income will be started. You can start it anytime in your life after the age of 21 years, and there is not necessary to have any skill and education.

2. Challenges

You don’t have any experience you have to work here with a short amount of salary. This type of rejections is common in jobs. There is a huge competition in govt jobs, and there is a huge number of candidates apply for a few numbers of vacancies for a job. And also there are some limits of income in a job.

There is less acceptance for business in our society because there is in business than the job. Whatever amount you are investing for starting a business there is no guarantee it will return to you after a few months or after a specific time. Also, If you want to do traditional business, there is a huge competition in the market for that particular type of business.

3. Capital Requirement

In a job, you only have to invest in your education and self-growth otherwise, there is not any specific investment. Some of the jobs ask you for the investment but be aware that it is not an investment that is only a bribe for that job. And if you are good in your study, then you don’t need to invest money for your higher education, because you get a stipend for during your study period.

The requirement of the capital can be much higher than start doing anything. There are lots of businesses exists which required no money to start, and lots of businesses required a high amount of capital to start the business. You must have to be involved in a community of businessmen, or you can create your own company by motivating yourself for the business. So It can be an extra investment for starting a business.

4. Qualification

As per the growth in other sectors, jobs require more qualifications. And if we consider the govt jobs, then you need to crack 2 to 3 exams plus interview. It requires a lot of study and high qualifications. Qualification is not enough for getting a job. Extraordinary, problem solver, working spirit and lots of things are required to get a job.

Although, there is no need any qualification to do business according to me and the current scenario of businesses you should be graduate. You must have marketing skills, and you must know that Business. You must be a risk-taker; you must have a vision.

5. Mindset

For getting a job and for doing a business mindset is the most important thing. Without making mindset for any of the thing, you cannot achieve that thing. You can take time to make your mindset for that thing, or you can take advice, motivation, knowledge.

6. Time Required

This is also a crucial thing to predict for both things. The time required for a job cannot be predicted. Also, your luck works for your job. If you are extraordinary and good in studies, then you require approximately one year. It all depends on “how do you perform for achieving your job.”

If there is a huge requirement for the product or the service for which you started your business, then you required approximately six months by the time you start your business. There are many of the factors responsible for establishing your business. Lots of businesses require more time than usual.

7. Other Conditions:

You have to focus on one thing, like in schools and colleges, your study becomes more specific for a particular subject. You have to be specific for one job sector. It will put more efforts in a particular field. You should focus on expanding your skills along with your studies.

Business requires step by step planning for achieving the goals of that business. You must have to discuss the scalability of that business. I don’t consider work as a business, till I need to go to handle that. A business is a work where you have to take decisions only not you have to handle all the workers and guide them daily.

So, these are differences between job and business for given parameters. Hope you will be getting something definitely by reading this informative and motivational guide. If you disagree with any of the terms which are explained here, then comment below in the comment section — inspired someone by sharing this article. You can give me suggestions for future articles in the comment section.


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