Why You Should Live, Not Just Exist


The mismanagement of this unbearable situation has caused many men and women to make crazy decisions that tend to aggravate their scenarios further, generating chaos and destruction, not only of their minds but even of their own families.

Everything is a matter of believing in us and preparing mentally for change, of breaking the paradigm of “I cannot” and assuming a courageous attitude in the face of what cowards it.

The first thing we should know:

More than being born “in the world”, you have really been born “to the world”. This means that you are more than just a human being: you are a person, a child of the Universe, with a specific Purpose linked to your own existence.

Ignorance of this Principle can lead you to live an empty, sterile and disorderly life.

A lifestyle without Purpose will generate in the person a terrible integral dissatisfaction. This dissatisfaction will generate, in turn, a series of hostile and antagonistic attitudes toward everything that surrounds it.

Therefore, you must develop an awareness of Integral Productivity:

  1. The sense of Identity in life: knowing who you are in your generation, without usurping identities that do not belong to you.
  2. The sense of Purpose in life: knowing the why of your existence; that is, what is the task that corresponds to you to develop on earth, to which you came and what is your purpose.
  3. The sense of Direction in life: knowing where you are going; that is, the path that existence has designed for you.
  4. The sense of Overcoming in the life: to believe that yes you can get to be a better human being, without needing to resort to being asked to all that instead of producing in your true progress and growth take you to the most terrible jails of ignorance, confusion, and death.
  5. The sense of Usefulness in life: use your skills and abilities to serve your generation.
  6. The sense of being protected: walking in complete peace and freedom. Free from all fear and insecurity.

Where Is The Key To Living A Full Life?

To enter this dimension of life, dominated by obedience, will unleash in you a whole flurry of wisdom, intelligence, and knowledge. In addition, you will be filled with strength, vision, and understanding that will lead you to fulfill the whole purpose of the Universe for your life. Make sure that is so.


  • It is a fact that you have come to this world with a specific Purpose. You are not a mistake of nature. You were born “to the world”.
  • It is a fact that you have been called to be integrally productive on earth, not an antagonist and enslaved being.
  • Leave now the group of those who cling to falsehood and lies and join the group of those who want to impact this generation.
  • Never forget that the true concept of personal success is directly related to the fulfillment of your call on earth.
  • The life of complete freedom and freedom is linked to the fulfillment of the precepts and levels of integral condition that must be carried in this passage through this earthly planet.


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