You Need 21 Days To Make Or Break A Habit

Habit is something which does not change easily, and you actually want to effort very hard to make or break a custom of yours, before changing or working on any habit you must know what practice is actually, it is a behaviour which an individual repeats regularly and it even when he is not conscious about doing the same he will do it routinely because it has become his/ her habit, habit actually become compulsory at times and an individual automatically starts doing the same.

What is the real meaning Habit

Habit actually is a way of doing works in which your behaviours automatically for example if you have the habit of praying immediately after waking up in the morning, you will see that after certain point of time you will automatically start doing prayers instantly after waking up, this happens because whenever we start doing something on a regular basis it gets fixed in our neuro system, somewhere in the brain and it becomes our habit. Most importantly you should know that inculcating good habits are much more difficult, bad habits come fast.


So how to form good habits:

  • Stay Positive –

Always stay positive and say to yourself that whatever you are doing is possible and you will be able to make it.

  • You must stick to your new habit –

    you must stick to your habit and must not leave your work, be determined to achieve the goal, stay calm and be comfortable, don’t be stressed if you miss out the same for something very important, it is ok to be lenient at the cost of something more important

  • Have company –

    take good companies with you so that they also enjoy the benefits of having good habits, and they will have that good habit too, be happy and have good companies, so that you may inculcate the good habits which your friend have, friends plays and important role in any bad or good habit formation.

  • Start with small

don’t set your target too high initially, you may feel it as impossible and you may not even start out of fear, always have small goals and slowly increase the target, and after achieving the target you must practice that for few days and then start increasing the same.

  • Celebrate after reaching milestones –

always make yourself cheerful after achieving a particular habit, it is actually to form a habit and you must understand the hard work you have done to achieve the same and thus after accomplishment you must celebrate.

  • Motivate yourself –

keep yourself charged, and do not get demoralized if you can’t make it at first go, it is always good to try even if you fail initially, always be motivated and determined to have the habit and gradually you will see that you have achieved it with ease.

Thus by following the above point you can inculcate habit fats, but there is still a debate on saying that whether habit can be developed in 21 days or not, because many of them believe it is not true and many experiments have been done on the same, but we can try out the 21 days rule and it will effort for sure. Have good practice and be happy.


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