You Are AWESOME! Accept Yourself For Who You Are


You are wonderful! Accept yourself for who you are, this is as big an existential topic, what is the purpose of life or why are we here. How do you accept yourself? I consider there are 3 kinds of individuals or at the very least, people go within 3 stages of being in at any point in their life;

  • Equating yourself to those who are better than you
  • Linking yourself to those who are weaker than you
  • Connecting you to yourself this is how the above to play out;

You end up believing less than, and always trying for more. You end up unfulfilled because you can never be as good as you feel great, and the worst part is you never force yourself to be really great because you look for someone less than you, in order to prove your presence. Now, both of these mindsets, to a vaster or lesser degree support some form of self-acceptance. Whether it believes you are better or inferior. And neither of these sounds especially charming or liberal.

Instead, it says, I will be better than I was yesterday, and when I am great at that; I will discover something else I am shit at, and be better at that too. Life is a struggle: The only thing that proffers life real value is combat. There are elements that you can improve, and there are things you cannot. Accept the things about yourself you cannot correct, but do not accept the things you are unhappy about in yourself, which you have the power to correct.

Learn from every individual, even the worst of the bunch. But in your heart is an emotion, a gut feeling which should never die. Admit that as the real you and you’ll live peacefully.

Self-acceptance is something that we create up over time. Be kind to yourself. It’s s time to allow the point that no one judges you more than you judge yourself. You can be your own worst opponent, but you require getting out of your way and starting generating tolerance. Be resigned with yourself, and accept your imperfections.

Stay real

Enclose yourself with morality. Write yourself friendly notes. Hang up banners with positive statements. Download an app on your telephone that will send you inspirational quotes on a regular basis. When you feel indecision and doubt crawling into your dreams, turn to one of your great things. Tell that small defeating voice inside your head to be calm and that you decline to go to that cryptic area.


You can’t grow without forgiveness. But know that it’s a method, and it will always take time. Forgive others for things they didn’t mean to do. Forgive others for something they didn’t know they did. Forgive yourself for blunders you think you’ve made. And forgive yourself if things don’t turn suddenly enough.

When you fall, you require to get up and keep going. It’s in our defeats, not our accomplishments, that we determine the most about ourselves. Figure out what excites you by celebrating something you are bad at. It’s in these special moments that life’s valuable teachings are learned.


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