Are You Superstitious?

Are You Superstitious

Although several individuals would intensely refuse about being called as gullible, in actuality, they could be pretty circumspect about circumstances where unreasonable expectations are concerned. The most common superstition issues are Friday the 13th, the number 13, black cat and several others. We may hardly see high expense investing, long ways travel and record signing are delayed due to bad day events. On the other hand, people who born on the day thirteen may really consider it as their lucky day.

Are You Superstitious

Still profoundly liberal society, superstition still habitually holds a commanding role in people‚Äôs subconscious. It appears that there is a part of our brain that grows by believing on irrelevant things and completely disregards our rationality. Although the consistent part of our mind may simply refuse any unfounded belief and practices as silly turns, the less rational, productive mind tend to accurately include whatever we feed it.If we talk about India, three things come to our brain which is very common in India. And the three things are Corruption; community and last but not the least fear. And here we are going to talk about superstition in India. So let’s started a tour to India where superstition does play a significant role.

India is really a huge empire with so many varieties in multiple things like belief, caste, community and many more. But it is true that we cannot deny the fact that notion do exists in this holy country. India has too superior in many ways just like other countries; but still, it is deemed a place of god, ideas and also superstitions too. We can’t dismiss the fact that even after getting listed in one of the developing nations and also into the way of getting renewed. But still, there are so many people in India who still are apprehensive about so common things which are now out-dated in the true sense. Thanks to so several made up stories by our ancestors that the impact of such irrationalities is still alive and still very powerful.


The following are some of the popular superstitions believed in India :

  • If a black cat passes your way then you will have a distressed day, to overcome it you have to go back 10 steps in the setback.
  • You should not sleep or cry at night times, this brings bad luck to the family.
  • If you are not feeling well and your medical reports don’t show anything then it means that somebody has kept their bad eye on you. To overcome this you should burn chilly in the name of the person who has kept eye on you. And this superstition is believed more in the cases of small children.
  • The widow is considered to be a bad luck and they are not allowed to attain any ceremonies of their own family and that of others.

Although fears are totally false, it is determined that the positive power of mind and prayers can improve the probability of success in your life.


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