How To Deal With Abusive Neighbors?


We all have moved to a neighborhood that seems quiet, only to discover that just a few meters one of our neighbors has the annoying habit of turning the lawnmower on Sundays at 6 am, or that the lonely house next door It comes alive when the sun goes down and the party continues until the wee hours of the morning. What to do in these cases? We tell you some successful strategies that will help you deal with bad neighbors.

Ask yourself why you chose that place

Ask yourself why you chose to live in that place in the first place will help you put things in proportion. Make a list of pros and cons, and analyze the chances of eliminating or minimizing the inconvenience caused by neighbors

Introduce yourself

The problem of big cities is that nobody knows their neighbors, and it is easier to ignore the inconvenience caused by a stranger than those of someone you know, and perhaps even appreciate it. So instead of going to complain right away about whatever your neighbor is doing, if you do not know him personally, start by going to visit him and introduce yourself.

Choose the right time and attitude

Before going out in pajamas made a fury to complain to the neighbor because his dog is howling at the moon at 3 o’clock in the morning, wait for your anger to pass and then come and touch and empathy introduce your case.

Do not do what you do not want them to do to you: things that can irritate your neighbors

Do not make assumptions

Perhaps seeing how the weed that the neighbor grows in his garden tries to invade yours leads you to make a quick (often mistaken) assumption that these are vague or careless people. But it can also be due to many other understandable reasons, such as someone who is sick in the family. Visit your neighbor to find out what is really happening, and maybe both will find a way to solve the problem together.

Know the current municipal regulations

Knowledge is power: knowing the rules regarding annoying noises, garbage and untrimmed grass will give you an advantage when making claims. Because once you have exhausted diplomatic channels and conversations with your neighbors, you can always appeal to the authorities and file a complaint with the local police, homeowners association, or at the municipal office.

Do not exaggerate

Knowing the rules and applying the law is a right, but be careful to call the police or make a complaint for a small dispute, because these actions will not earn you the sympathy of your neighbor (if before you did not appreciate or respect you, from that moment you will probably hate it). Before taking a drastic measure, think about the consequences and act according to the situation.

As a last resort, consider moving

Finally, if everything else does not work and your life there has been transformed into a real hell, consider the possibility of moving. We know it’s not fair, that you’re probably a good neighbor and a good person, but you know what? Life is not fair. And on the other hand perhaps this is a way that has the fate of indicating you have prepared for you a much better place.


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