Can Loneliness Kill You?


Being alone for some time or so-called space we say in the modern society is one thing and loneliness is totally is different story altogether, loneliness is something which varies from personality to personality, when you don’t have anyone to share your thoughts and you cannot explain your viewpoints to anyone in your life that point of time you feel lonely. Sitting idle for long hours in thought is not loneliness, loneliness can occur even when you are working the whole day but at the end you feel that you don’t know what and why you are doing that particular thing and you don’t have any social connection or the connection which you have is not have that quality relationship.


Why You Feel Lonely?

You feel lonely when you don’t have anyone to whom you can share your thoughts, your whereabouts, your feelings, and emotions, having many friends but not of that quality will make you feel lonely, after all, we are social animals and we do require connection which we can value for long-term, all animals on the planet needs connection no one can survive alone and it is next to impossible, so wherever you feel depressed and lonely just connect to someone you can bank upon.


Loneliness Has Any Effect On Health Too:

It is all psychological as well as physical which can take a toll on your mental and health because of being lonely, being a social creature we always need someone with whom we can share our problem, happiness, and everything. Just imagine a day when you are very happy but you don’t have anyone with whom you can share your happiness, rather than being happy you will be sad within some time.

  • Loneliness can bring depression, which in result in loss of weight, depressed sleep and many fatal steps like suicide.
  • It results in decreased immunity power, chronic disease, heart problems, loss of appetite and many more


So What Is To Be Done To Avoid Being Lonely?

The older people are at much more risks of being lonely rather than young generation, but the older people are not so much savvy with the era of internet which they can use as there pastime so avoid being lonely the best thing they can do is to get a pet at home, pets are one the best friend and can be with you for all time, Gardening is another thing on which you can bank upon.


The younger generation who are suffering from loneliness can:

  • Hangout with similar minds
  • Be social, be active In social media
  • Be involved with some NGO’s for a better cause
  • Go for shopping, u will really feel happy.

You must accept the fact that you are lonely and you are suffering from the same, most of the people don’t even realize that, so as soon as you understand that you are feeling lonely, just go and get a company, do whatever you like, approach someone with whom you can get along.


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