Is 13 auspicious or inauspicious?


Number 13 and 666 are not popular, let’s try to understand where these superstitions came from. Superstitions are imperishable, eternal. They also apply to the number 13 – perceived by some as an unlucky number, and by others as happy. It looks even gloomier if we are dealing with the fifth day of the week, which will also turn out to be the thirteenth day of the month. This, unfortunately, happens once, twice, or even three times a year, as was the case in 1987 and 1998. Let’s recall 1998: February 13, March 13 and November 13 fell on Friday. Eleven years earlier, in 1987, February 13, March 13 and November 13 were also on Friday. There is nothing extraordinary about it – they are completely predictable. This, however, gives us the opportunity to ask an interesting question.

What Is A Surprise?

In the case of many words that have been left) 7 we need to first determine what is “superstition” and what it meant for our ancestors.

Initially, the word “superstition”, derived from the Latin superstitions) it meant “to stand above, to dominate, to overcome or to survive”, meaning something that allowed a man to control his destiny and instincts, to overcome weaknesses, to survive all misfortunes that could fall on him.

It can be assumed that superstition, in the modern sense of the word, must contain its original etymology – today forgotten and twisted. The superstition of Friday the thirteenth is a perfect example of this.


Number Thirteen

This unfortunate reputation of Friday the 13th is related to the Last Supper. Then the Twelve Apostles gathered around Jesus to have an evening meal with him. According to historians, the Last Supper took place on Friday; knowing what happened then, when the thirteenth guest arrived at Jesus, it is easy to imagine why some consider Friday the thirteenth day unlucky. For others, however, the Resurrection of Jesus gives testimony to his divinity and immortality. Thus, even though the thirteenth Friday announced his death in the mundane world, he carried with him the immense joy of “getting up from the dead”.

In connection with Friday the thirteenth, a timeless hematological calendar was created. On its basis, we can determine whether the year will be successful or not. If the first day of the year fell on a day that was under the influence of a happy star, then the Friday or Friday of the thirteenth, falling out in a given year, would also be happy. If, however, January 1 was a day under the influence of a bad start, then also the fives of the thirteenth this year were to have negative repercussions.


We know that the calendar system was created by our ancestors based on cycles of the moon and the sun, an important role was also played number 12 and to a lesser extent – 13.

However, it is not possible to mention the Apocalypse of Saint in the studies on numbers. John. Of course, this applies to the loud number 666 or the “Number of the Beast”: “And I saw another animal coming out of the ground, which had two ram-like horns and spoke like a dragon.


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