How To Choose A Topic For Speech?

When we have to make an exhibition or conference in which we have not been marked by a specific topic and we must choose it, we can follow a series of simple guidelines to choose a good theme to expose.

Delineate Your Knowledge Framework

This means narrowing the issues that you have more information and experience. If you know a lot about it, you will feel more secure.

What Do You Like?

To make an exhibition it is necessary to prepare a lot and study so if you find it fun, it will work out better. It does not matter if it’s something not very formal (like your favorite sport, your friends, your hobbies, your pet …), you can always give it an interesting touch.

Defines The Relevance Framework

What does this mean? That it is important to relate it to the main topic that we have requested or to the general framework that has been defined. If, for example, it is a technology congress, it is advisable that the subject be linked to technology or, if it is a class, look for the relationship with the subject. For example, if we want to talk about our favorite sport and we are in natural science class, we can relate it to the muscles that we move, breathing, cardiovascular rhythm or any other way that occurs to us.


Think Of Those Who Are Going To Listen To You

Your age, your studies, your interests, your way of thinking … What would you most like or be interested to hear? What information can be more useful or fun? It is not convenient to focus on oneself but on them. Following the example of the sport, it is convenient that what counts as “my favorite sport” helps them to give a new approach to the practice of “YOUR favorite sport” instead of trying to convince them to practice mine.

Narrow The Topic

The natural tendency tends to lead us to try to cover too much and that causes us to overload the exhibition and make it less understandable. It is more difficult to talk about chickens in general than “The breeding of chickens with infrared lamps” (it is the first nonsense that has occurred to me but I hope you understand what I mean). Besides, that will help you apply the following:

Find An Original Point Of View And Paste It In The Title

In this way, the people who will listen to us will have a positive predisposition. If the favorite sport I want to talk about is tennis, I can focus and title it: “Tennis is in the brain: how this sport (and any other) helps develop as a professional or as a student”. In this way, those who listen can consider a new way of doing sports and the exhibition will have possibilities to make them think and to transform them.

Once You Have An Approximation…

Put in Google the words that define it (eg, tennis, brain, studies) and look at the bottom of the results for “related searches”, as that will give you an idea of ​​what people are most interested in. You can also search what comes out from page 10 onwards to try to find that original point of view.


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