How To Remove Fear From Public Speaking

Public speaking is one of the thing which most of the ordinary people wants to keep away from, the only motive behind the same, it actually reflect your personality and how do you carry yourself, even the famous personalities too have terror of public exclamation, whenever there is a communal speaking event, you will see that your palms are sweating, heart beating faster and you are sweating a lot out of fear, to avoid all this you require to practice a lot by using the following practices mentioned below:

1. Practice – Practice makes man perfect, the more you practice the more you will feel positive about the same.

2. Get Organized – Prepare your speech long before your real delivery of the same, be organized, know what to say, how to say and what are the bullet points, what are the points on which you should focus more.

3. Check on the flow – Check on the pattern and flow of your speech, so that you can actually think about what are you maxim, you must jot down the points while you are delivering the same.

4. Mirror practice – Stand in front of the mirror and talk to your self about the speech, you can also practice the same daily and build up your confidence, this not only improves your speech, and it actually develops your personality, your gestures, your body language and many more things.

5. Record your speech – record your speech and listen to your own voice, understand the sound modulation, how it will impact the audience, so that you can check upon where you should correct yourself for better presentation.

6. Don’t think too much – At the time of delivering the speech don’t think about the audience too much, rather think about your speech, you must know what you are speaking, so that even if you miss out something you can say about the same on your own, so knowledge about the subject is an important factor.

7. Practice your speech making someone the audience – make someone the audience for practice, like they can be your friend, family or even a colleague, you can deliver the speech in front of them to understand how better you can understand the subject and how well you are prepared with your presentation.

8. PowerPoint presentation – if you have the access of using the power point presentation you can actually use the same so that you don’t necessitate memorizing the points at least and you can have look at the slides.

9. Don’t talk too fast – Don’t deliver your speech very fast, be a moderate speaker so that everyone have the interest to listen to you.

10. Know exactly what need to say – one famous personality said once that “you must know at least hundred words for each words you speak” i.e. you must have full knowledge concerning what you are telling, just learning the speech will not suffice, in case you forget some point knowing the subject you can make it yourself.


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