How To Increase Your Memory


Can we think about life without memory? No we will not be able to do anything if we don’t have memory, this is one of the most important aspects of life, now the question is how to increase your memory power so that you can have a stress free life, for having good memory you must have good health too, health effects the power of memory a lot.

The brain has the immense power of learning everything very quickly and can form its way accordingly, but to keep the brain charged and stimulating you must know few things among which a healthy lifestyle is one of them. Few things you should keep in mind to keep your brain strong:


Exercise – Doing exercise regularly is one of the most important factor to stimulate your brain and which in turn regulates the blood flow of the heart, and anything good for heart is also good brain too, keep your blood pumping to keep your brain active, physical exercises increase the oxygen level of the brain, exercise can charge you up for the whole day.

Sleep –another important factor which keeps brain active is a good sleep, sleep deprivation leads to lots of problem in one lifestyle, an adult requires a minimum of 7 hours of sleep every day without any interruption, few things you should remember which will help you to have good sleep, you should have a fixed schedule, of going to sleep and getting up, you should avoid watching mobile and television, all this actually takes you to sleep miles away.

Try something new which requires the brain to work – to keep your brain active, you should have brainstorming exercises, this helps the brain to get charged up, doing or solving monotonous work actually makes the brain useless, so keep on doing different types of brain workouts.

How-to-increase-your-memory-Do not be stressed Do not be stressed – Stress always have a negative effect on the body, and ultimately if effects the brain too, stress occurs when you actually don’t flush out things from your mind, if you want to be happy and relax then make time for friend, get along with them, have fun, express what you feel about other, inform if you are hurt, take break from monotonous jobs and explore new things.

How-to-increase-your-memory-DietDiet – proper food is one of the most important Mantra for a healthy body, have foods which are rich source of omega 3, avoid unhealthy foods, such as high saturated fats, have proper meals, have nuts and have lots of fruits and vegetable, which actually works wonder for your healthy brain and body.

Look at your health issues – Even after following a proper diet and lifestyle if you feel that you are not having a sharp memory and you are becoming more forgetful then you must be having some underlying health issues which you should immediately check up with your doctor.

Be a social animal – Having good friends and family is one of the blessings one could have in life, so always be in a good company, you will automatically remain happy and charged up. And you know a happy person will have a happy mind too.


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