How You Can Stick To Your New Year Resolution


It’s nearly an awful New Year and with that comes the inevitable New 12 months’ resolutions. Isn’t this true? Absolutely, it is! Maybe you need to lose weight and/or get in form. Maybe you need to give up smoking or drinking. Perhaps you wish to do something extra innovative, like starting an everyday journal, finishing a novel or getting to know a brand new language and embarking on your dream destination either with your family or with your sweetheart.

You eagerly set all those things in January and via February, all your efforts are long past- if they even closing that long.

Why is it so tough to make a resolution that works? Would you like to know why New Year Resolution fails most of the times? Then just scroll down, and read on!

Why Your Brand New Resolutions Fail?

Maximum resolutions fail no longer due to the fact you lack top intentions. However, due to the fact if you actually desired to make an enduring exchange on your life, you wouldn’t watch for a unique day to do it. How many of you would agree on this? You’d already be taking steps to achieve your purpose and you wouldn’t allow one setback to derail or defeat the alternative steps you’d already taken to reap that purpose.

That is exactly the practice you want to follow need to you genuinely want to deliver lasting changes for your life.

So, as opposed to taking into consideration a new 12 months’ resolution as an all-or-nothing proposition wherein one slip-up derails your whole effort, we suggest you create a mindset that any and all development towards your goal is worthy of praise. Rather than focusing on the negatives, make your mind open on the development or progress you have made.

Is There Any Alternative To Stick To Your New Year Resolutions?

Surely, there is an alternative for sticking to your New Year Resolution. But the thing is; you should stick to these points if you want to break the odds and desire to make a shift in your life.

So, ready guys? Let’s get started.

Make A Bucket List Of The Whole Year

Yes, you hear that right! I repeat, make a bucket list of the whole year not for 1 week or 1 month. Wondering why I’m saying this? Well, if you maintain or write down the bucket list of things which you wish to attain will eventually uplift your motives higher when you’re feeling gradually down in your fast-paced life.

For example, if you wish to travel the dream destination of your choice, you could adopt the habit of saving money either on weekly basis or either on monthly basis.

Do one thing more, make a bucket list of things and paste it on your office desk or your study desk. This will pump you if you’ll feel down. Sounds great, right? Absolutely!

 Set Mini-Goals And Initiate Yourself To Achieve With Small Steps

Always remember, it takes 6 hours to build a Toyota, but it takes 6 months to build a Rolls Royce. Perhaps, one of your bucket list of things includes maintaining a blog journal (*LIKE ME*).

Let me tell you the truth that it will take time and energy. What you could do is set a goal of writing a blog post of minimum 2500-4000 words daily.

You could track and evaluate your progress on daily basis also by asking with your gangs of friends and family members. Mark this pro tip as it is more concrete and specific.

Make Attainable And Measurable Goals

First, you need to skip the usual practising of keeping your New Year Resolution, i.e. not to make unattainable and non-measurable goals. This will not only pulls you down but will also make a negative shift in your life schedule also.

What you could do is; focus on the countable things first rather than focusing on uncountable and multiple things you could achieve.

So my buddies, don’t fancy a fake New Year Resolution on this upcoming New Year 2019 and focus on the above mention points to break all the barriers of unsuccessful New Year Resolution. Feel free to get in touch with me. I would love to hear your valuable comments because  I’ve given you the transparent piece of advice to stick to your New Year Resolution.


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