Prayer – The First Cordless Phone


The prayer is a path to God, sometimes bumpy. In the light of their experience, priests, nuns or laypeople give references to build a life of prayer. Prayer is a path to God, sometimes fraught with pitfalls.

To phone God … some essential rules to respect to have good communication

Rule Number 1

Do not dial a number blindly; be sure to choose the right code … Be sure to call the correct number: God 

Rule Number 2:

A phone conversation with God is not a monologue … know how to listen to Him. Do not talk constantly! He wants to tell you extremely important things. GOD has a personal message for you! 


Rule Number 3

If you come across an answering machine, it’s because you’ve got the wrong number… God is still here. 

Rule Number 4

If it sounds “busy”, it’s because your desire to talk to God was not sincere. 

Rule Number 5

If the communication is interrupted, it is because you have cut off the contact … to restore it, make the decision to reconcile yourself with your neighbor, your enemies, to be faithful in the little things, to be ready to ask forgiveness for your sins. 

Rule Number 6

Do not take this nasty habit of calling only in an emergency … you’ll soon learn that it’s so good to just call him to tell him that you like him. 

Rule Number 7

Do not phone God simply at reduced rates, at specific times … God is never disturbed in his work … you never bother him. There are no off-peak hours and full hours, full fare or off-peak rates. Some people only think of calling on the morning. Multiple short calls at any time, all week, are better than a long phone call on Sunday morning. 

Rule Number 8

The cost of communication is free … great no? It’s a toll-free number.

Rule Number 9

Do not forget regularly to check your answering machine … because Jesus himself calls you and sends you messages and often you do not hear his phone call … so check regularly the calls received… Take time for it … do not leave an unheard message. 



First and foremost, check the user manual of the phone if it does not work. This manual is called the Spirit and faith! Your phone is guaranteed for life, after sales service parts, manpower included, immediate repair by “confession of his sins”,

The phone you use is not a telephone per line, cable, radio, satellite, cellular etc. This is a mobile phone that you can take with you anywhere in the world. in every room of your house, in every place, its means of transmission is called the Holy Spirit.

In modern times, boredom and disgust often come from the regulatory and obligatory side of prayer, from an ambiguous sentimentalism, from a dogmatism that has become sterilizing. Some continue at any cost. This is perhaps the purest prayer because it is the acceptance that the relationship is naked, without anything satisfying.

An advice: When you cannot pray anymore, do what suits you?

Without judging the path chosen by others: By not forgetting something very concrete, what Jean announces in his first epistle (4-12). God is this Unknown, over the Gulf of absence, awakening in our hearts and our hands when we are close to our neighbor.


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